Elite Space Corporation (EN)

Presentation of the corporation:

Elite Space Corporation is an independent multi-player organization, having no direct alignment with one of the main factions of the game.

Elite Space Corporation pledge allegiance to the power of Li Yong-Rui.

Our group, structured and ambitious, consists of more than 15 cmdr, distributed on a strong hierarchical structure and just to be able to organize and manage our objectives in order to be together all under the same banner and have a wide ship fleet ready to face any situation.

Our homeworld is Jotun, led by the Dukes of Jotun, we are allies with this faction and help them in their expansionist policy in the neighboring systems:

– Trade
– Mission
– Civil War
– Conflict Zone
– Economic Expansion
– Station Control / Outpost

With the Dukes of Jotun, we also control the Djaujang systems Caleta, HIP 13750 and  we organize operations to maintain their influence.

We organized operations and types of missions:

– Conquest of a system, reversal of the ruling faction
– Strengthening the influence of a faction in a system
– Corporation operation
– Operation and mission for the power (Li Yong-Rui)
– Organization of missions  (pvp/pve)

Contact and Diplomacy:

If you wish to contact the corporation to discuss possible proposals between corporations, or adjust any one different, please contact our forum or game:

– DeltaMG – Chief Corporation
– Zetch – Specialized Officer Diplomacy
– Vinse – Specialized Recruitment Officer

Embassy forum here:


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